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We don't actually need another web site. So why this one? Athens and Concord occupy special places in the memories of many who grew up in the community and attended school there. Those who moved to other areas visit from time to time, but of course it is not the same. Even many who continue Parentsto live in Athens see and feel the change. I expect this is true for other generations growing up and growing older in different places. Nothing ever stays the same. That's good in many respects, but there are down sides as well.

High school friends of more that 40 years ago provided the incentive for a web site that could in some way capture more than the facts about a town and its families, schools, churches, businesses and organizations. In reconnecting, many of us noted that it is difficult to describe what is was like growing up in a place where all parents knew each other and every home was an extension of our own. We remembered that our parents quietly sacrificed to make their children's life better than their own. They held us accountable, teaching by example moral and ethical principles that governed their lives and are rare by today's standards. We knew what was expected and acceptable.

None of our parents thought that it "takes a village to raise a child." To the contrary, they understood their responsibilities for the most important things in life, especially raising their children. They had deep-seated values and shared a collective, intuitive sense of how to prioritize around families, form communities, and support each other. They overcame substantial obstacles through commitment and hard work, having themselves grown up in the era of the Great Depression and having lived through World War II. As their children we learned more about life in Norman Rockwell's America than we knew at the time, and only now fully appreciate. Those are my parents, Garland and Helen (Sutherland) Elmore, pictured above.

The site is organized into six major divisions plus a home page and gallery of photos for those who don't care to spend time reading descriptive detail. The home page provides a general overview and brief descriptions of each division. The bottom third is reserved for special features that will change from time to time. The right sidebar offers links to little vignettes or stories of special memories we have from our years in Athens, with a focus on the 1950-60s. These are contributed by Athens friends who wish to share a fond or meaningful memory, or offer a personal perspective that may or may not be shared by others--a moderate blog might be a good way to think about it. The bottom section is more about the present--news and current events that may be of interest to site visitors.

Each division page is similarly organized with an overview at the top, major subcategories described in the middle with links to other pages, and a relevant feature at the bottom. Sidebar information carries across each of the divisions. Links to third-level pages lead to a series of photographs in slide show format or to text that embellishes the story or provides additional detail. The menu at the top provides an easy way to navigate, no matter where you are in the site.

Much of the content and photos used on this site were drawn from the work of others. Of particular value was a manuscript and collection of photographs from Charles K. "Bo" Baxter, provided by his son David. David collaborated on developing the content and reviewed early drafts. For "Bo's" contributions and David's support I am especially grateful. Additional photos and vignettes were provided by classmates as noted throughout the site. Please consider contributing your own photos or original content that will help further develop this site. Contact me with questions, comments and suggestions at the link at the top of the page.

Thank you for visiting.

Garland Elmore (Jr.)

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