Athens Baptist Church

The Athens Baptist Church was organized as the Concord Baptist Church on October 29, 1887.  The men and women attending the organizational meeting desired a Baptist fellowship in Athens, then Concord, and they included:  Rev. J. P. Campbell, John S. Caperton, Phillip Thompson, Athens Baptist Church Thompson H. Caperton and Allen T. Caperton of the Mountain View Church; H. F. Gore and P. A. Bowling of Browns Ridge Church;  Nelson Farley and Samuel Hopkins of Rocky Mount Church;  and S. L. Crotty and David E. Johnston of the Princeton Church.

James Patrick Campbell is credited with being the driving force for the establishment of the Concord (now Athens) Baptist Church, and he was unanimously selected as its first pastor.  Charter members were J. P. Campbell, R. G. Meador, Thompson H. Caperton, Annie W. Williams, Ellen E. Kirtner, Nommie L. Bird, N. May Campbell, Lizzie R. Meador, Louisa F. Campbell from Mountain View Church;  Sarah Reynolds from Princeton Church;  and P. A. Bowling from Browns Ridge Church. (Read below).

Athens Baptist Church History (Continued)

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