Athens High School Faculty and Staff - 1951 to 1969

This slide show was developed from yearbooks. The full yearbooks are available here.

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Cover of the 1951 Treasure Chest. Dedication to Principal A. C. Hinkle. W. J Briggs Jr. (Science), Helen Everett (English), Ruth Coffindaffer (Math), Doris Farnley (Home Economics), William Houchins (Manuel Training), and Margorie Kincaid (Music). D. G. Martin (Social Studies), Ruth Martin (Social Studies), T. J. Perry (Math), Joe Vachon (Science), Virginia White (English), and Billy Rice (Secretary). Faye Cooper (Primary Grades), Kathryn Gibson (Intermediate Grades), Louise Lipps (Primary Grades), Riccardo Martin (Intermediate Grades), Frank Parker (Intermediate Grades), Virginia Sizemore (Intermediate Grades), Mary K. Strong (Primary Grades), Billie Tanner (Primary Grades), and Joan Wright (Primary Grades). Cover of the 1952 Concord Trojan.
A. C. Hinkle (Principal Secondary Division), D. G. Martin (Assistant Principal Elementary Division), Riccardo Martin (Assistant Principal), and Bille Rice (Secretary) Ruth Thompson (Social Studies), Helen Everett (English), Joseph Bertalan (Music), Doris Farley (Home Economics), and Joseph Vachon (Science). Virginia White (English), T. J. Perry (Math), Ruth Coffendaffer (Math), William C. Houchins (Math and Manuel Training), and William Briggs (Science). Elementary teachers Louise Lipps, Mary Kelly Strong, Kathryn Gibson, Frank Parker, Joan Wright, Cathlee Keaton, Virginia Sizemore, and Billy Tanner. Larry Freeman (Social Studies and Speech), Ethel O'Brien (Home Economics and Biology), Asa "Bill" Ofsa (English and Speech), Stanley Smith (Math and English), Charles Puckey (Social Studies and Physical Education), and Paul Lilly (Social Studies and English). Cover of the 1953 Concord Trojan.
Dedication to A. C. Hinkle, Principal. Ruth M. Thompson (Social Studies), Madeline T. Shorter (English), Helen M. Everett (English), Rosemary Brunschwyler (Music), William C. Houchins (Algebra), William J. Briggs Jr. (Science), Joe Vachon (Science), Doris Farley (Home Economics), Virginia White (English), Thomas J. Perry (Math), Ruth C. Coffindaffer (English), and Dorsey G. Martin (Social Studies). Elementary faculty Riccardo Martin, Frank Parker, Virginia Sizemore, Katheryn Gibson, Joan Wright, Billie Tanner, Mary K. Strong, Cathlee Keaton, and Louise Lipps. Cover of the 1954 Trojan. A. C. Hinkle (Principal) with Billie Rice (Secretary). Elementary faculty Riccardo Martin, Frank Parker, Virginia Sizemore, Joan Wright, Julia Wiley, Billie M. Tanner, Mary K. Strong, Louise Lipps, and Cathlee Keaton. High school faculty: Ruth M. Thompson (Social Studies), Garnet C. White (Business Administration), Medeline Shorter (English), Betty Bates (English), William J. Briggs Jr. (Science), William C. Houchens (Algebra), Doris Farley (Home Economics), Joseph Vachon (Science), Virginia White (English), Thomas J. Perry (Math), Ruth C. Coffindaffer (English), and Dorsey G. Martin (Social Studies).
Cover of the 1955 Trojan. Dedication to T. J. Perry. Administration: Joe Vachon (Principal), Riccardo Martin (Assistant Principal Elementary School), Wilma Lee Kessinger (Secretary), and Perry Hill (Coach). Elementary teachers: Riccardo Martin, Frank Parker, Virginia Sizemore, Joan Wright, Clara Williams, Ruth P. Thompson, Cathlee Keaton, Louise Lipps, and James Mole. High school teachers: Ruth Thompson, Madeline Shorter, Champ Clark, William Houchins, Doris Farley, Howard Durr, Virginia White, Betty Hutchens, Dorsey Martin, Lawson Faulkner, Grace Gumm, and Jane Wells. Cover of the 1956 Trojan. Dedication to Joe Vachon.
Joe Vachon (Principal) with Wilma Judd (Secretary). Faculty: Ruth Thompson (Social Studies), Madeline Shorter (Home Economics), William Houchins (Algebra). Champ Clark (Biology), Geneva Wynne (Social Studies), Lawson Faulkner (Social Studies), Perry Hill (Coach and Math), Howard Durr (Science), Jane Wells (Commerce), Janet Ciarlo (English), Virginia White (English), Dillard Mills (Math), Dorsey Martin (Social Studies), Grace Gumm (Music) and R. D. Hamden (Band, not pictured).  Cover of the 1957 Athens Trojan. Joe Vachon (Principal) and Geraldaine Lamb (Secretary). Faculty Geneva Wayne (Social Studies), Dillard Mills (Math), and Cleio Ferguson (Math). Champ Clark (Biology), Jane Wells (Commerce), William Houchins (Algebra), Elizabeth Robertson (English), Virginia While (English), Howard Durr (Chemistry), Grace Gumm (Music), Perry Hill (Coach and Math), Dorsey Martin (Social Studies), Madeline Shorter (Home Economics), R. D. Hamden (Band), and Ruth Thompson (Social Studies). Cover of teh 1958 Trojan.
Dedication to Robert Snidow and Lucille Hartman. Joe Vachon (Principal) and Emma Dean White (Secretary). Faculty Lucille Hartman, Robert Snidow, Elizabeth Robertson and Neil Jefferies. John Maxey, Virginia White, Perry Hill, Grace Gumm, Dorse Martin, Cleo Ferguson, Joyce Chapman, Ruth Thompson, R. D. Hamden, Madeline Shorter, Champ Clark, and Geneva Wynne. Cover of the 1959 Trojan. Dedication to Perry Hill. Joe Vachon (Principal) and Emma Dean White (Secretary).  Elementary teachers: Louise Lipps, Jacque Woodell, Ruth Thompson, Roberta Parker, Frank Parker, Nellie Mann, Cathlee Husn, Kathryn McKinney, and Riccardo.
High school faculty: Elizabeth Robertson, Nell Jefferies, Robert Snidow, Ruth Thompson, Cleo Ferguson, Lucille Hartman, Perry Hill, Virginia White, Grace Gumm, Champ Clark, Geneva Wynn, John Maxey, Madeline Shorter, Dorsey Martin, Nancy Bailey, and R. D. Hamden. Cover of the 1962 Athens High School Trojan. Joe Vachon (Principal) and Emma Dean White (Secretary). Faculty group photo. Cover of the 1963 Trojan. Joe Vachon (Principal) and Emma Dean White (Secretary). Faculty group photo. Cover of the 1964 Trojan.
Joe Vachon (Principal) and Emma Dean White (Secretary). Faculty group photo. Cover of teh 1965 Trojan. Joe Vachon (Principal) and Emma Dean White (Secretary). Cooks Elizabeth Oxley, Sally Oxley, Edna Alvis, and Speek Oxley. Custodian Luther Hazelwood. Faculty and staff Nancy H. Bailey, Donald R. Baldwin, Calvin W. Belcher, Brenda S. Brohard, Cleo B. Ferguson, Grace Gumm, R. D. Hamden, Lucille Hartman, Perry W. Hll, Geoge W. Keatley, Jack J. Martin, Marliesa Mooney, Elizabeth S. Robertson, Madeline T. Shorter, Robert L. Snidow, Janice M. Terry, Ruth M. Thompson, and Virginia R. White. Cover of the 1966 Trojan. Dedication to Perry Hill and Nancy Bailey. Joe Vachon (Principal) and Emma Dean White (Secretary).
Faculty Elizabeth Robertson, Virginia White, Anita Ayers, Nancy Bailey, Donald Baldwin, Ruth Thompson, George Trent, Perry Hill, Cleo Ferguson, Robert Snidow, Lucille Hartman, Madeleine Shorter, Marliese Mooney, Q. D. White (not pictured), Jack Martin, R. D. Hamden, Grace Gumm, Calvin Belcher, and Janice Terry. Cover of the 1967 Trojan. Dedication to Virginia White and Q. D. White. Joe Vachon (Principal) and Emma Dean White (Secretary). Faculty Anita Ayers, Normalee Compton, Nancy Bailey, Nancy Farley, Cleo Ferguson, Richard Grogan, Grace Gumm, R. D. Hamden, Lucille Hartman, Jack Martin, Marliese Mooney, Elizabeth Robertson, Madeleine Shorter, Rober Snidow, Janice Terry, George Trent, Virginia White, Virginia Williams, and Margaret Wright. Not pictured Ruth Thompson, Sydney Franklin, Q. D. White, and Doris Lockart (Secretary). Cover of the 1968 Trojan.
Joe Vachon (Principal), Bobby Gene Lee (Guidance Counselor), and Emma Dean White (Secretary). Kyra Alvis, Normalee Clark, Grace Gumm, Denise Gilger, and Lucille Hartman. Patricia Keatley, Doris Lockhart, Richard Grogan, Marliese Mooney, Madeline Shorter, and Janice Terry. Cover of the 1969 Trojan. Dedication to Joseph Thomas Vachon. Faculty Robert Snidow (Business Math), Anita Skeens (English), Richard Grogan (Geography), Normalee Clark (Psychology), George Trent (Physical Education), Madeline Shorter (Home Economics), Lucille Hartman (Typing), Q. D. White (Biology), and R. D. Hamden (Band).
Janice Terry (Physical Education), Grace Gumm (Music), Virginia White (English), Marliese Mooney (Physics), Denise Gelger (Shorthand), Ruth Thompson (American History), Patricia Keatley (English), and Kyra Alvis (Librarian). Joe Vachon (Principal), Bobby Gne Lee (Assistant Principal), and Emma Dean White (Secretary).