Athens High School Tour

Visit in 2011

This tour of what used to be Athens High School began by walking the grounds and visiting the ball field in the meadow behind the building. These photos follow the sequence of the tour, and include inside views of corridors and stairways, classrooms and the library, the cafeteria, and the gymnasium.

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Approaching the former Athens High School gymnasium from the north, just past the Baptist Church. View of the ball field from the high school. A closer perspective of the field, with a lost ball in an area that had just been cleared. The lane leading from the high school to the field is now paved. There are other improvements, including two spectator stands and an equipment building. An unmistakable landmark beacons on the way up the hill on the return trip.
The large windows that used to light the classrooms have been covered, except for the panes that open at the bottom. Approaching the main entrance, with the gynmasium on the left. Stairway leading to the second level. From the top of the stairs, with the library entrance on the left, the view is much as I remember it. My locker was on the left. In the distance is what used to be the elementary school section. Walking into the elementary school side of the building, a familiar fire bell is still on the wall. The vertical copper pipe extends through all three floors of the building, so a lucky student who had the privilege of ringing the bell for a drill could do so from any floor. Of course, this also provided the option for a brave boy--I'm sure it was always a boy--to pull down on the pipe in the rush between classes to sound a single ding from the mechanical clappers.
The down staircase on the elementary school side. Stair detail. A quick visit to the basement with a view of that mysterious little utility door under the stairs. A bit of painting at this end. Ahh, the old trophies assembled on a table, waiting for some action.
It was a good year. One of the classroom laboratories, with the interior view of the large windows that have been painted. I liked the old window treatment better. Much better. The library. Although smartboards and computers are in many rooms, the old chalkboards remain. These cubbies in every classroom provided storage for faculty belongings, and a rolltop door could be lowered and latched.
Another classroom. This is the cafeteria. During our years, tables and chairs filled the open area during lunch. There was an ice cream freezer on the left wall. For a nickle or dime, an ice cream sandwich, fudgesicle, or pushup could be acquired. View of the lunch room from inside the kitchen. The serving area. During our years I never got to stand on this side of the counter. In my proper place.
From the cafeteria to the gymnasium, taking a seat in the bleachers. View from the bleacher seat. Perspective of the basketball court and stage. Looking back on the way to the stage. Heaters, lights and curtain tracks above the stage.
The tour wouldn't be complete without a quick visit to the boy's restroom. Not too different today. No smoke coming from any of the stalls during this visit. Another pass by the lockers on the way out of the building. New lockers. No Master combination padlocks that used to hang down, providing an opportunity for a wave of rattles as a young hand would sweep over them in sequence rushing to class. Remembering the Trojans with a stylized rendering of seven photos to spell the word, resting on the chalk tray in a classroom converted to another purpose.