General Merchandise

Small towns and rural areas often supported general stores which carried a broad selection of products. Many would carry basic food items and "dry goods." Although dry goods originally referred to textiles and clothing, the distinction between these kinds of stores and general merchandise, and even grocery stores, often blurred. Stores that sold appliances and carried or special ordered other products for customers were sometimes considered General Stores. Click on a link below for additional information about Athens' General Stores and check the other cateogies in Commerce for other businessed that sold a range of products and services..

Shumate Brothers
R. G. Meador General Merchandise
Alec Bolin's Star Market
P. W. Massie Store
J. M. Cook & Co.
W. M. Smith
Lilly Bros. Department Store
D. B. Wagner General Merchandise
Thomas A. Barbery & Company General Mercahandise
L. B. Parker General Merchandise
Ballangee & Whitley General Merchandise
Parker Bros. General Merchandise
Athens Department Store

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