Doyle Lytton's Barber Shop

Doyle Lytton started cutting hair when he was 18 years old and practiced in Athens from his mid-20s through his mid-80s. Nearly every boy in Athens knew Mr. Lytton as his first barber, and Lytton's Barber Shop (circa 1922)during Mr. Lytton's 60 year career, many relied on his services for decades. During our years, we remember that he cut a lot of flat tops and crew cuts in the early nineteen sixties, and later adjusted to trimming longer hair, all with good humor.

Mr. Lytton's shop was located at 112 Vermillion Street. After barbering in that shop for several years, he built another facility very much like the first, except with a brick facade, and moved into it. The twin buildings provided Athens with a barber and a beauty shop. Photos taken in the winter of 2008 are here. The shops were revisited in the summer of 2011, as shown here.

On May 29, 1988 James Barbery, a writer for the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, published an article about Mr. Lytton's experience in Athens. The article is reproduced here.

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