Athens Power Company

On June 9, 1915, the County Court of Mercer County, West Virginia granted a franchise and permission to J. R. Vermillion and H. E. DeJarnette, and their successors, to erect, maintain and operate an electric line system, poles, wires, etc. along and upon the public road ( now Route 20 ) Athens Power Company Advertisementleading from the City of Princeton to the Town of Athens, for the purpose of transporting electric current from the City of Princeton to the Town of Athens, and for the purpose of furnishing and selling such current to the inhabitants living along the road and in the Town of Athens, for lighting and other purposes.  The franchise was to endure for a period of fifty years.

On March 10, 1917, the Athens Power Company was incorporated by J. C. Snider, J. N. Hoylman, F. A. Bolin, R. C. Dangerfield and H. A. Shumate.  The principal place of business of the Corporation was in Princeton, and its chief works was in Athens.

On March 28, 1917, J. R. Vermillion and H. E. DeJarnette conveyed by Deed to the Athens Power Company all their rights, powers, privileges and immunities under and by reason of a certain franchise previously granted to them by the County Court of Mercer County, West Virginia.

At a regular meeting of the stockholders held on December 8, 1923, a decision was made to increase the number of shares of the Company from one hundred to two hundred and fifty.  This action was approved by the Secretary of State of West Virginia on December 12, 1923.

On February 25, 1928, the Secretary of State of the State of West Virginia certified the re-organization of the Athens Power Company.  Its name remained the same.  The objects and purposes for which the corporation was formed remained the same.  The number of shares of stock wasincreased to six hundred.  Its principal place of business was to be in Athens, Mercer County, West Virginia, and its chief works was to be in Athensand vicinity.  Stockholders of record were:  W. S. Dangerfield, R. C. Dangerfield, F. A. Bolin and H. A. Shumate of Princeton, W. Va.;  Lillian E. Snidow of Bluefield, W. Va.;  J. N. Hoylman of Colcord, W. Va.;  Ida and Resse Kennedy of Staunton, Va.;  and Nannie Gatherum, Joseph Caldwell, Alice Pettrey, J. P. Pennington, S. R. Holroyd, Lillian G. Martin and M. E. Maupin of Athens, W. Va.  Officers of the Company were W. S. Dangerfield, President, and Lillian E. Snidow, Secretary.

On October 5, 1929, the officers and directors of the Athens Power Company were authorized, empowered and directed to assign, transfer and convey unto several stockholders of the company all of the physical properties of every kind and character owned by the company, together with all franchises, rights of way, contracts, privileges and immunities owned by the company, or to which it is in any way entitled, to be held by the said stockholders in proportions equal to the proportionate number of shares of stock of the company severally owned by them.  The stockholders on record on this date were the same as listed above, except that Eva. L. Ball, H. H. Ball and Charles T. Daniel were listed as Executors of the Will of F. A. Bolin, who was then deceased.

On October 23, 1929, the stockholders listed above sold to the Appalachian Electric Power Company, a Corporation in Virginia, all those certain electric light and power properties which were conveyed to them by the Athens Power Company, a corporation, by Deed dated October 5, 1929.  Possession of the said properties was delivered to the Appalachian Power Company on November 1, 1929.

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