Street Scenes

This is a place for ordinary photographs of life in Athens. The photo to the left, taken at the turn of the century and published in the Princeton Times in 1967, was described as a "common scene" for its day. "Ordinary" and "common" have ways of becoming Old Guard on the Front Porch of Alec Bolin's Store rather exceptional, especially after some distance in time or place. Many of early photos we have found and placed below illustrate this point. The first collection documents road improvements and building the first sidewalks in Athens. There are also collections of townspeople, perspectives of landscapes, buildings, and ordinary things seen up close. Early activity on streets, walks, and neighborhoods is included.

You may have early photographs of Athens street scenes that you wish to contribute. Or more recent photographs. We have reserved space for a wide range of scenes, both old and recent. We are especially interested in locating street scene photos from Our Years, 1951-1969. Samples of these and more recent photos are provided below. If you have material to contribute, please contact us here.

Early Photographs

Maintenance and Improvements

Village Park in Athens Good Roads Day Good Roads Day Good Roads Day Good Roads Day Good Roads Day Good Roads Day Good Roads Day Good Roads Day Good Roads Day


Mountain House W. T. Appling's Hotel Athens Aileen (Bailey) Butler


Distant View Oak Tree U.S. Geological Survey Marker

Roads, Streets and Walks

North State Street Residences Concord College Campus Entrance Horse and Wagon Horse and Wagon Hack (Taxicab) Service Vermillion Street Vermillion Street

Street Scenes from Our Years

Toll Road Homecoming 1968 Vermillion Street Your Athens Photograph Here


More Recent Photographs

The Sweet Shop Vermillion Street Your Athens Photograph Here

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