Concord Training School

Before Athens Elementary School Was Named

Athens Elementary School originally began as a graded and junior high school known as Concord Training School.  It had its beginning at Concord State Normal School and consisted of those pupils in town who preferred to attend at the Normal School Concord Training School rather than at the public school.  Only as many pupils were received as three rooms would accommodate.  It represented eight grades so that the student-teachers in training could have ample opportunity for observation and practice in all of the eight grades.  Its eventual two-story brick public school building (shown to the right) was erected on the site previously occupied by the former Concord Normal School’s third building, which was destroyed by a fire in 1910.  The building had a basement and nine rooms, of which eight were classrooms originally housing grades one through eight.  In later years to accommodate increasing elementary enrollment, a small detached white frame single classroom was built in Summer of 1950 on the left side nearest the Athens Baptist Church. Click on a link below for more information and additional photographs.

History, Program of Study, Faculty (Continued)

Classes and Students

Kathryn Gibson's Fourth Grade Class, 1952-53 School Year
Billie M. Tanner's Second Grade Class, 1953-54 School Year
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