Early Residents

For a photograph and brief overview of several early residents of the community, click on a name below. These are some of the foundational families who played important roles in building and developing Athens.

Pioneers and First Settlers

Bird, Bluford Washington
Bird, John Sanford Hopkins and family
Bird, Benjamin Taylor
Bird, Rhoda Amanda
Cooper, Elijah Freely and family
Easley, George Elliot, Sr. and family
French, Colonel William Henderson
Holroyd, Ella Lively
Holroyd, James French and family
Holroyd, Rev. Robert Lee and family
Holroyd, Samuel Reynolds
Holroyd, Sarah (Caulkin)
Holroyd, William
Holroyd, William and family
Holroyd, William Henderson
Karnes, Ed and Opie
Maupin, Ambrose Tillman
Martin, George B
Martin, Henderson Elliott
Martin, Louis Allen
Martin, William Harvey
Meador, Lizzie R. (Bird)
Meador, Rufus Green
Oxley, Benjamin Harrison and grandchildren
Oxley, George Robert Jackson and family
Oxley, Irene M.
Scott, George William
Shumate, Harvey Milton and family
Vermillion, Stephen Trinkle and family
Vermillion, Stephen Trinkle
White, Martha Ann

Following Generations

Beckett, George Benjamin "Colonel" and family
Caldwell, Joseph and family
Cooper, Fred Vermillion and family (Another photo here.)
Lamberts, Cooks, Thorntons and Oxleys
Oxley, Robert G. (Family photos here.)
Vermillion, Dr. Uriah and Addie (Shumate) and family (Family photos here.)

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