The Elmore Family

Garland Craft (Sr.) and Helen Mabel Sutherland Elmore

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Garland Craft Elmore (Sr.) at about the time he met Helen Sutherland in McComas, West Virginia. Helen Mabel Sutherland with sister Kathleen in McComas. Helen Mabel. Garland and Helen in McComas. School portrait of Helen. Garland and Helen.
Garland. Vacation in Florida. Garland Jr. (in arms), Helen, and daughters Mary, Nancy, Thelma, and Martha.
                Garland Sr. Helen. Mary. Nancy.
Thelma. Martha. Garland Jr. Thelma, Martha and Nancy. Helen entered Concord and became a teacher after daughters completed thier education there. Mary, first of the family to attend Concord.
Class photo of Nancy. Class photo of Thelma. Martha when she attended Athens High School. Garland Jr. with Kitten Candy and her pup Gum Drop (left). Garland Sr. and Garland Jr. circa 1950. Garland Sr. and Garland Jr. circa 1952
Garland and Helen in front of their first Athens home, the Sam Holroyd house on North State Street. Thelma, Garland Sr., Nancy, Helen, and Martha. Thelma, Nancy and Martha. The home and barn of neighbors Clyde and Virginia White is in the background. Martha with Gum Drop and Thelma with Kitten Candy. Garland Sr. and Helen, with the GMC Suburban Panel Body Truck. Garland Jr. with Kitten Candy.
Helen after she completed Concord and started teaching. Mary at Concord. Nancy at Concord. Thelma at Concord. Martha at Athens High School. Garland Jr. at Athens Elementary School.
Garland Jr., sister Mary, and cousin Bob Sutherland. Thelma, Garland Sr. and Nancy during a visit to Bluestone. Nancy and Thelma at Bluestone. Garland Jr. and Garland Sr. along the lake. Garland Jr. Garland Jr. between cousins Corliss Poe and Bucky Sutherland.
Helen's mother Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Sutherland shown here at Shawnee Lake. Three generations: Molly, Nancy and Helen in front of the Elmore's second Athens home on Cooper Street. Garland Sr., Nancy, Martha (with Gum Drop), Garland Jr. (with Kitten Candy), and cousin Corliss Poe in front of the Cooper Street home. Garland Sr. and Helen with Kitten Candy. Garland Jr. in Junior High School. Flat top haircuts were the thing in 1963.
Molly, Thelma, Helen, Martha and Nancy with the third Athens home (at 311 Vermillion Street) in the background. Garland Sr. napping after a long day. Garland Jr. with Jean during her first visit to the Elmore home while they were dating. They married later that year. Garland Sr. with the first group of men who resided at the Campus Lodge. Helen and Garland in their later years. Helen with Taffy in their fourth Athens Home at 105 Mill Street. This photo was taken after Garland Sr. passed away.