Athens High School Class of 1964

Class Photographs at the Fiftieth Reunion, August 9, 2014 at Pipestem State Park

The fiftieth reunion was organized by Nawasa (Copen) Paula with help from Tom Davis and Linda (Hill) Mann. Several poses were required to get a reasonable group photograph. Here is a graduation photo, then the winner group photograph, followed by others that didn't make the cut.

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Charlotte Akers, Raymond Austin, Bernice Bailey, Alice Baldwin, David Baxter, Shirley Blankenship, James Bradley, Toye Brock, Larry Brunk, Larry Calfee, Lanny Carter, Nancy Caruth, Stella Clemons, Billy Church, Mary Coburn, Darrell Cook, Nawasa Copen, Helen Crews, Tommie Davis, Barbara Dempsey, Douglas Duncan, Garland Elmore, James Elmore, Paul Epley, Shelby Ford, Henry Friedl, Rita Harvey, Nancy Hight, Linda Hill, James Hopkins, Joyce Hubbard, Carolyn Kay Jones, Elizabeth Lamb, Aarlen Lambert, Bob Lilly, Dale Meadows, Rudolph Meadows, Sue McPherson, Mary Jane Neely, Ruby Neely, Lewis Nelson, Connie Oxley, James Oxley, Pat Puckett, Rema Reed, Evelyn Ryan, George Sarver, Joyce Shorter, Mike Stephens, David Thompson, Linda Via, Thomas Walls, Phyllis Walters, Patty Watts, Fred Wiley, Betty Wood, Calvin Wood. First Row, Left to Right: Nancy Hight McWhorter, Stella Clemons Laduke, Shirley Blankenship Barter, Linda Hill Mann, Mary Coburn Keene, Ruby Neely Nelson, Nawasa Copen Padula, Patricia Watts Damewood, and Helen Crews Daniels. Second Row, Left to Right: Rema Reed, Rita Harvey Lovern, Carolyn Kay Jones White, Garland Elmore, Larry Brunk, Shelby Ford, Jim Hopkins, and Charlotte Akers Warland. Third Row, Left to Right: Elizabeth Lamb Turpin, Evelyn Ryan, Tommy Davis, Henry Friedl, and Dale Meadows.Fourth Row, Left to Right: James Bradley, Jim Elmore, Darrell Cook, Tommy Walls, Fred Wiley, and Nancy Caruth Van Deusen.