Life on Center Street

Growing Up and Forming Lifelong Friendships with Neighbors

These photos were contributed by Mary (Bowling) Graybeal and Joe Friedl.

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Henry Friedl. Henry Friedl with Kenny and Betty Robertson. James Mason (Boney) Bowling. Elizabeth (Thornton) Bowling with daughter Nan. James Mason and Elizabeth (Thornton) Bowling with daughters Mary (left) and Nan.
The Friedl Family: Sally and Joe with children (l-r) Chester, Dexter (John), Sally, Joe and Henry. The bicycle: (l-r) Dexter (John), Sally, Joe, Chester and Henry Friedl. David Brown and Joe Friedl. Back yard play: Mary Bowling, Kenny Robertson, Henry Friedl, Dexter (John) Friedl, and Sally Friedl. Plumb Tree boys: Kenny Robertson and Henry Friedl.
William B. and Elizabeth "Betty" Steinbugler Robertson Family with friends (l-r): Bill Robertson, Clarice Bibbee, Betty Robertson, Jakie Upshaw, "Judge" Steinbugler, "Ma " Steinbugler, Dorothy Wells, Hawey Wells, and the young boy "Robin" Robertson. (Circa late 1940s) David and Vicki Baxter. Mary Bowling (center stage) with Henry Friedl (right), Mary Joe Fudge (left), and David Baxter (behind). Friends, including Mary Bowling and David Baxter (right). Henry Friedl and Pepper.
Henry Friedl and Mary Bowling. Center Street gang. A party for Mary Bowling (left). The Friedl siblings: Sally, Dexter (John), Henry, Chester, and Joe. Wishing---on Bob Lilly's motorcycle.
Standing: Mary Bowling, Claudia Wright, Bob Lilly, and Henry Friedl. James Mason (Boney) Bowling with Christy Bell. Henry Friedl, Garland Elmore, Alice Jane Hutchison, (unknown), Dexter (John) Friedl, Mary Bowling, Sally Friedl, and  (Unknown). Henry Friedl with Christy Bell. Sally Friedl, Henry Friedl, Mary Bowling, and Claudia Wright (l-r).
Nancy Caruth.(Unknown), Sally Friedl, Henry Friedl, and Mary Bowling. Claudia Wright and Mary Bowling. Henry Friedl and Claudia Wright. James Bradley, Henry Friedl, Claudia Wright, Sally Friedl, Mary Bowling, Garland Elmore and Christy Bell.
Claudia Wright, Sally Friedl, Garland Elmore, Henry Friedl, James Bradley, Mary Bowling and Christy Bell. Sally Friedl, Barbara Coburn, Otis Mann, Mary Bowling, Dexter (John) Friedl, Henry Friedl, and Kenny Robertson. Sally Friedl, Claudia Wright, and Nancy Caruth Claudia Wright and Henry Friedl. Kenny Robertson and Sally Friedl.
Mary Bowling and Henry Friedl. Dexter (John) Friedl, Otis Mann, Joe Friedl, Sally Friedl, and Mary Bowling. Henry Friedl and Mary Bowling. James Bradley and Henry Friedl (standing). Unknowning with Mary Bowling (center). Rose Thornton, Mary Bowling, and Chester Friedl.
(Unknown), James Bradley, Mary Bowling and Henry Friedl. (Unknown), Mary Bowling, Kenny Robertson, Betty Robertson. Mary Bowling, Saly Friedl, Henry Friedl, (Unknown). Elizabeth Bowling, Mary Bowling, Saly Friedl, James Mason (Boney) Bowling, Henry Friedl, (Unknown). (Unknown), Mary Bowling and Kenny Robertson.
Henry Friedl, Mary (Bowling) Graybeal, and Ken Graybeal. Sally (Friedl) and Otis Mann.