Contemporary Houses

Constructed after the Pioneer houses, many homes in Athens illustrate the influence of Victorian, Greek Revival, Dutch Colonial and Italianate architecture. The finely-detailed, larger houses built Former Bibbee Homein the early 19th and late 20th centuries signaled the transition from timber to frame construction. The more simple Bungalow and Craftsman styles were popular in the 1920s and beyond. At the same time the influence of the Prairie Style, developed by Frank Lloyd Wright and others, emphasize utility and eloquence.

There wasn't much construction during World War II, but when the residential boon began thereafter the historical designs were often abandoned. The focus was on simple construction and modern designs, with brick veneer, wood siding, and even aluminum exteriors. Sears began selling simple homes that could be ordered through the mail. Sears homes in Athens illustrate the changing styles and unique construction material.

In the postmodern era beginning in the 1970s, the Ranch-style house dominated the construction landscape and sub-divisions were sometimes developed around a few basic styles. Many of these newer houses borrowed architecture elements from several different styles. Remodeling of older homes incorporated different styles as well, creating an eclectic and interesting landscape of homes.


Postmodern Homes Built in Athens

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Renovations and Restorations

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