Samuel Reynolds Holroyd House

Joe Blankenship, current owner of the Sam Holroyd house, opened his home in 2012 for these photographs. Return to Houses by clicking here.

Front full-view exterior as the house appeared in Summer, 2012. Approaching the home, looking up from the sidewalk. Full view looking north from the south side. Window detail on the lower south side. Window detail on the upper south side. Full back view. This side of the house faces east.
Roof detail of the east side. Entrance. Front door detail. Interior view from the front entrance. Lower hallway from the front entrance. Looking back.
Second level landing with staircase decending to the first floor. Panels enclose staircase ascending to the third floor. Panel detail with restoration in process. Panel restoration detail. Railing detail. Third floor window. Hand pump that remains from the round gazebo which formerly enclosed this area.
The tour ended with a look at a booklet that described the history of the house and the Holroyd family.