The Athens We Knew centered on teaching and learning. We were fortunate to have many good teachers gifted in thier disciplines who cared for thier students. Education in Athens during Our Years was advanced by a close and cordial workng relationship Elizabeth "Betty" Robertsonbetween the faculty in the elementary, junior and high shool grades and those who taught at Concord. This dynamic relationship among faculty created a synergy that effected the entire community. Athens wasn't the county seat, but it was the seat of learning.

Not surprisingly, many of the best professors at Concord had spouses who taught in the secondary grades in Athens. The Robertsons were an example of an "education family.". Dr. William B. Robertson received his Ph.D. from Cornell University and was the division chair of the Department of Languages and Literature at Concord. His wife "Betty," pictured here, also received a her graduate degree from Cornell and taught English composition at Athens High School. In hindsight, I know that she used the same teaching techniques and had the same expections of her students as some of the better faculty teaching in her husband's division at Concord. Mrs. Robertson was able to deliver course content with a teaching style that met the needs of her students. Academic riger and high expectations combined with care and compasion for students makes Mrs. Robertson an approapriate anchor for this section.

Educators is used in its broadest sense and includes teachers, staff, service personnel, and administrators. Below are listed educators without regard to position; each listed had an impact on the person who wrote the acknowledgement.

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