Science Hall

Built in 1951

Home Management Building

Completed at a cost of $600,000 in 1951, the first floor of the four-story building was designed to include classrooms, faculty offices, restrooms, an animal room for live specimens, and a storage room.  The second floor was designed for the Biology Department, with labs, lecture rooms, and faculty offices included.  The third floor was designed for occupation by the physics, physical science and general science programs, with a lecture room, faculty offices, lab and dark room included.  The fourth floor was designed for occupation by the Chemistry Department, with lab and lecture rooms, a balance room, an instrument room, an advanced research room, faculty offices, and a storage room included.  The front entrance was designed by Bluefield architect Alex B. Mahood to resemble the library in external appearance, except without the columns, and opens into a second-floor lobby which features recessed wall cabinets housing collected specimens.

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