Third Concord State Normal School Building

1899 - 1910

Third CSNS Building

The Legislature of 1897 appropriated $20,000 for this building, which was completed and occupied the early part of February, 1899. It was a large, well-arranged two-story, red-brick building, 142 feet front and 90 feet back. The front was decorated by two handsome bow windows, 12 feet deep, between which the main entrance was placed. On entering the main hall, the first door to the left opened into the principal's office, a room 20 x 24 feet, which was provided with a door opening into the class room adjoining. The door on the right of the main hall opened into a large, airy reception room 16 x 24 feet, a study hall 60 x 60 feet, two class rooms 20 x 36 feet, two society halls 20 x 36 feet and two commodious cloak rooms. On the second floor the north wing contained two class rooms 20 x 36 feet, a class room 20 x 24 feet, containing a large bow window, a lecture room 40 x 36 feet, and a small class room 10 x 24 feet. The Commencement Hall, 60 x 80 feet, was located in the south wing of the building and was capable of seating over 1,000 persons in the best grade opera chairs. The stage was located at the western end and was provided with ante rooms and rear entrances. This Third CSNS building stood on the site now occupied by Athens School until it was destroyed by fire on November 22, 1910, prompting the eventual relocation of the normal school to it's present campus in 1912.

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