Town Typical of Campus Life

The People Who Make Up Life in Athens

Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Sunday Morning, March 1, 1953*

These are the people who make up life at Concord College and Athens --- (first row) Virgil H. Stewart, president of Concord College, is a native West Virginian. He holds the Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science in Education with majors in the first of school administration. Prior to assuming the presidency of Concord College in 1945, he was engaged in public school administrations a past president of the West Virginia State Association of Public School superintendents. His is listed among prominent educators in the 1952-53 edition of “Who’s Who in America.” President Stewart is now serving as State Chairman of the Legislative Committee of the West Virginia Education Association; and president of the West Virginia Council of State College and University Presidents. Officialdom of Athens as a town is run by Mayor B. R. Cook who is now serving his third term. Although the business of operating the clean little community of Athens is a big task, Mayor Cook actually is superintendent of feeding at the college and supervisor of inventory. Police protection and all patrolling duties are under Chief E. L. Bright, a native of McDowell County. Dr. Uriah Vermillion has been serving his community for 44 years of his 72 years. The main business street of Athens has been named in honor of Dr. Vermillion. Miss Verlie White acts as Dr. Vermillion’s nurse and manages the office. She has served in this capacity for 34 years and performs the same duties for Dr. Donzie Lilly, the town dentist. Dr. Lilly has been in Athens for 40 years.

Athens only bank is the Bank of Athens which was established in 1905. Personnel includes Cashier F. V. Cooper who started with the institution April 1, 1918. Assistant Cashier is G. B. Scyphers who has been with the bank since 1946. Head bookkeeper is Miss Edith Neely of Athens. The proving ground for Concord College student teachers takes place in the high and elementary school section of Concord Training School. A. C. Hinkle has been principal of the institution for six years. Once of the veteran teachers is T. J. Perry who has been teaching math in Athens for 24 of his 43 years in the teaching profession. Another veteran is Joe Vachon, science teacher and basketball coach, who has been at the same post for the last 25 years.

Among the pretty end of Concord Training School staffers is Barbara Fender, who is now in her first term as home economics instructor. On the distaff side of Concord College is pretty Miss Carol F. Clarke, secretary to President Stewart. Prior to assuming her present position, she was with the Department of Justice in Washington.  One of the most outstanding departments at Concord is the music department. Under the direction of William B. Caruth, chairman of department of music, instructors are Sanford Watts, band instruments; Miss Rose Lee Reed, piano and organ; Russell Falt, piano and theory; and Edward Steiner, voice and theory. Mr. Falt is a native of San Francisco and Mr. Steiner is from Los Angeles.

One of the best known people is Mrs. Nannie G. Mastin, who is presently in her 28 year as telephone exchange operator in Athens. Prior to coming to Athens, Mrs. Mastin worked in Princeton for 10 years. Prominent faculty members at Concord are Dr. B. L. Gumm, Mr. Ralph Cunningham, and Dean W. S. Woodell. Although a freshman, Miss Jane Blosser of Bluefield has already made her mark on the campus. In her first year she has already been selected as editor of the Concordian, the college paper. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Blosser of 656 Shenandoah Ave., Bluefield. Miss Virginia Sizemore, fourth grade teacher at Concord Training School, supplied much of the data used in this story on Athens and the college. She is a graduate of Marshall College.

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