John Baker White Hall for Men

First Dormitory for Men on the New Campus

John Baker White Hall for Men.

This first residence hall for men on the new campus was opened for students on September 11, 1939 and was built by means of a Public Works Administration loan and grant.  Designed by architect Alex B. Mahood and named in 1940 in honor of Col. John Baker White (1868 – 1944), Member of the State Board of Control, the dormitory was built to accommodate at least 118 men, and was arranged on the apartment plan with 30 students assigned to each apartment.  In addition, the building had a large lounge, an office and a separate apartment for the supervisor, and a basement with recreational and laundry equipment.  Demolition of White Hall began on June 16, 2004 to make way for the Rahall Technology Center.

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