William Houchins House

105 Old Hinton Road

On April 25, 1871, James R. Vermillion and his wife, Elizabeth, deeded to Benjamin Fanning, William H. Martin, William Holroyd, Milton M. Belcher, Herbert B. Barbor and Benjamin White, Trustees, a lot, with an unfinished building thereon, lying in the William Houchins House Town of Concord and consisting of one-half acre. It was in this building, when completed, that Concord Lodge No. 48 had its first lodge hall. We enjoyed our community, families and friends.

The underlying structure was a two-story, log-constructed building approximately thirty feet long and twenty feet wide. On the first story, there was a twenty by twenty foot room with a fireplace, and there was a room of the same size on the second story. A ten-foot hallway with a stairway was at one end of the building.

Provisions in the Deed were that the Masonic Lodge shall have exclusive use of the second story of the building and that the first story, if so desired, shall be used as a meeting place for the Independent Order of Good Templars and as a school room, whenever necessary, for the benefit of the community and the people of the Town of Concord. The building was later part of Clownie Hight’s home. The second and third Lodge Halls may be see here.

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