Late Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century Houses

Early residents of Athens, particularly the Fanning's, Holroyd's, Vermillion's and French's, left their distinctive sense of design and practicality for generations to enjoy and emulate in construction of homes shown in this section. Many of the first homes are unfortunately in disrepair or have been James French Holroyd Housedemolished. These are illustrated in Change.

Many of the photographs in this section were taken in the 1960s. This is not a comprehensive treatment of late 19th century and early 20th century homes, but a sampling of those remembered from our years in Athens. Additional photographs that you may have of historic homes in and around Athens may be contributed by contacting us here. More contemporary homes are included in the next section. Photographs from recent walking tours are offered as well. Together these sections provide a glimpse into family life in Athens through the years. Click an image below to open a photograph or a slide show.

South State Street

John Tollison Shumate House (Butler House) Charles W. Martin House Levi Martin House James P. Pennington House Old Methodist Parsonage Joseph Caldwell House Major William M. Reynolds House Dr. Wilson I. Gautier (1860-1933) House Walter Reed House A. V. Lawrence House Dr. David H. Thornton House Rev. Robert Matthews Ashworth House David Brown Wagner House Robson R. Sage House Bluford Washington Bird House John Sydenstricker House James French Holroyd House Isaiah Wade Dunn House Henry McClung Hartman House Rev. John Reynolds House

North State Street

Dr. Gaston Anderson Shumate House Charles William Gore House George Sanford Oxley House Robert Green Oxley House Ballard Preston Shumate House Thomas George Little House Dr. Samuel Reynolds Holroyd House Dr. Frederick Fairfax Holroyd House John Kelly Peck House James B. Meador House

West Caldwell Street

Stewart Hall House James J. Martin House Hardin Martin House

East Concord Street

John W. Bailey House Rev. Robert Alexander Helsabeck House Henderson Elliott Martin House Samuel Roseman House David Lee Thompson House

Old Hinton Road

George Martin House William Houchins House

Vermillion Street

William Bondurant House Dr. William Henderson Holroyd House (Bradley House) Rufus Green Meador House Floyd Alexander "Alec" Bolin House Charles A. Vaught House H. W. Matthews House W. C. Hedrick House Wilbur J. Lilly House Milton Saxon Cushman House James W. Robinett House John Bally Lilly House Luther W. Fletcher House Elijah Freely Cooper House Dr. Uriah Vermillion House

Historical Significance and Trivia

William Houchins House, 105 Old Hinton Road

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