Those of us who grew up in Athens during Our Years shared many experiences. In reconnecting, we realize that often we have different perspectives of those experiences. Sharing perspectives helps us gain a more complete understanding of facts. If these "facts" had been Scoopwritten as individual stories or as history, we might say that friends "punctuated" the narrative differently. The facts are the same but the impact and memories are different. Memories is intended to help us remember facts, but more importantly, for friends to share their reactions to them.

Memories is divided into three sections. The first offers short vengettes of special memories of Athens. The second focuses on stories written by friends of Athens We Knew (you). These recollections and impressions are descriptions of personal reactions to events during our growing up years and time in Athens.Good examples are the story below about Fern's childhood in Athens and another by Linda Hill Mann who didn't necessarily feel a part of the town culture.

The third section is a compilation of information that reflects the time, place and culture of Athens during the years 1951-1969. Remembering Scoop (shown above) of the Snoop and Scoop Show is an example. In Our Days in Media you will find lists of Billboard hit songs, examples of old television commercials, memorabilia, and items of interest saved over the years and contributed by site visitors. Making this section more complete depends on you. Please send stories, memories, artifacts, and suggestions you may have a by contacting us here.

Favorite Memories

Visiting the Bowling Farm - by Rose Thornton Kessinger
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Recollections and Impressions

Childhood in Athens - by Neta Fern White Thorn
Athens from a Distance - by Linda Hill Mann
Cars and Their People - by Henry Friedl
Pets and Their People - by Mary Bowling Graybeal
Poems of Athens - by Joseph Friedl
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Our Years in Media

Billboard Charts of Top Songs 1951 - 1969
Top Television Shows 1951 - 1969

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