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Music was an important part of our years and today that music often brings back memories of friends and times in Athens. Live music, when it could be found or produced by our own groups, was special and rare. RCA Victor 45-RPM Record Player We listened mostly to recorded music. For those entering high school in the early 1950s, recordings were undergoing a revolution, from their parent's old 78-rpm discs that came in brown or cardboard sleeves to the new 45-rpm, single song discs, and new players (shown here) that were developed to support that large hole in the middle. Long play "microgroove" records were also popular and eventually featured sterophonic sound. In 1963 the compact audio cassette was introduced.

Well before our years, Billboard introduced its "Hit Parade" magazine with charts which tracked sales, jukebox selections and radio airplay of songs. Over the years Billboard published charts for different styles of music, but our music was the "top 40" and later the "top 100." Below are links to lists of our most popular tunes.


Our Songs Our Songs Our Songs Our Songs
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Hits of 1952 Hits of 1957 Hits of 1962 Hits of 1967
Hits of 1953 Hits of 1958 Hits of 1963 Hits of 1968
Hits of 1954 Hits of 1959 Hits of 1964 Hits of 1969
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