The 20th Century

This section is provided to accomodate historic information, original source material, documents, and photographs provided by site visitors. Site visitors can help answer questions about Athens from Family Photograph on Vermillion Street in 1960 the early 1900s until now.

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Census of Athens

Census records filed before Athens was incorporated did not distinguish between those living in the community as it is now defined and those in the roader region of Plymouth District. The first census for Athens was 1910. By law census records are sealed for 72 years; the most recent census released to the public was 1940. The available reports may be downloaded by clicking on a link below.

1910 Census PDF (2.95 MB)
1920 Census PDF (7.89 MB)
1930 Census PDF (3.45 MB)
1940 Census PDF (5.95 MB)

Town Typical of Campus Life

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph published an artilcle in 1953 that provided a brief overview of several of "the people who make of life in Athens." The description was based on information provided by Virginia Sizemore, who at that time taught fourth grade at Concord Training School. Photographs are included. Navigate to the page by clicking here.


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