Leo Tolstoy said that while "all happy families resemble each other, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Many of us who grew up in Athens during the 1950s and 60s remember the special place that happy families played in our lives. Parents of friends in and near Athens demonstrated care and affection. Friedl FamilyWe joined in family activities and felt welcome in our friend's homes. As children we had glimpses of unhappy families, too, and some of those memories linger.

This section is organized into three parts. The first includes families who followed the earliest residents listed in Community. These families were contemporary with Our Years in the Athens We Knew; many played prominent roles in our young lives. This list could be expanded to a very large number as site visitors contribute photos and comments. The second part is an extension of the first with a focus on family snapshots and portraits. The third part includes stories and memories of Athens families written by relatives or friends. These retrospective summaries provide unique perspectives on families that many of us knew. You may contribute to this page by contacting us here.

Contemporaries Who Influenced the Athens We Knew

Below are photographs of prominent residents, acquaintances and others who made Athens the special place it was during our years.

Austin, Lowell and Otella
Baxter, Charles "Bo," Margaret (Vermillion) and family
Bowling, James "Boney," Elizabeth "Liz" (Thornton) and family
Cooper, Fred Vermillion and family (Another photo here)
Friedl, Joseph, Sallie (Harlan) and family
Oxley, Albert Harvey "Doc" and family

Robertson, William B., Elizabeth "Betty" (Steinbugler) and family
Thornton, L. C., Bergie and family
Wooddell, William Sterl "Woody" and Jacque (Martin)
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Photo Albums

Below are links to family photographs, with an emphasis on those taken during our years.

Elmore, Garland (Sr.), Helen (Sutherland) and family
Lilly, James (Bob) and family
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Reflections on Parents, Siblings, Relatives and Friends

Click on a link below for perspectives on a family or individual remembered by a relative or friend.

Ball, Homer K. by Jeff Harvey
Butler, Clark and Ailene (Bailey) and family by Jeff Harvey
Bowling, James Mason and Elizabeth (Thornton) and family by Nanelle (Bowling) Kelemen
Hill, John Edward, Rosetta Mae (Blevins) and family by Linda (Hill) Mann
Thompson, David Lee and Mary Francis (Crawford) and Family by David Green
Thornton, L.C., Bergie and family by Rose (Thornton) Kessinger
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