These pages focus on a particular time in Athens--a special era. Friends is dedicated to those who shared that time, an interval from 1951-1969. Those were the years that together we were growing up, attending school, starting to date, and setting the course for our life-long journeys.Gathering at Mary's home in 1964 We enjoyed our community, families and friends.

The goal here is to list our friends and ask them to describe their "growing up"' families and early memories, and then to provide more recent updates about their "grown up" families and recent events. Making this section interesting and useful will depend on information provided by visitors like you. Please send information you may have about a friend listed in one of the classes below, or update your own information, by contacting us here.


Athens High School Seniors

Click on a link below to open a list of seniors at Athens High School during Our Years. A brief classnote and link to a family page is offered if information is available.

AHS Friends AHS Friends AHS Friends AHS Friends
Class of 1951 Class of 1956 Class of 1961 Class of 1966
Class of 1952 Class of 1957 Class of 1962 Class of 1967
Class of 1953 Class of 1958 Class of 1963 Class of 1968
Class of 1954 Class of 1959 Class of 1964 Class of 1969
Class of 1955 Class of 1960 Class of 1965  


Reunions and Socials

Many Athens High School classmates stay in touch through the years and return to Athens to renew their friendships. Listed below are planned as well as ad hoc gatherings of friends.

Athens High School Class of 1964 Fiftieth Reunion Group Photos
Athens High School Class of 1964 Fiftieth Reunion Photos

Athens High School Class of 1964 Picnic Photos

2013 Reunion of the Class of 1964 (Slideshow)

2012 Get-Together of Friends of the Class of 1964 (Slideshow)
2011 Ad Hoc Gathering of Friends from the Classes of 1964 and 1965 (Slideshow)
2005 Reunion of the Class of 1965 (Group Photos)
2000 Impromptu Gathering of Guys from the Class of 1964 (Slideshow)
Your Photographs and Slide Shows Here

Friend Photo Albums

Below are links to snapshots of friends, with an emphasis on those taken during our years.

Life on Center Street
Your Photograph Album Here

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